Changelog :

  v 0.6.1
   01/06/2007 : Added --config-vo Option to job-submit

  v 0.6
   10/12/2006 : Curses wrapper for displaying the threads/job 
   08/12/2006 : Add Threads queue list

  v 0.5
   06/10/2006 : Converting Project to python
   11/10/2006 : Adding Multithread procedure for ce list.

  v 0.4
   03/04/2006 : In Configure tool user can select between default
                commands for Node Information or point to a file 
                that include commands at each line.
   02/04/2006 : Made seperate config File named getnrun_bench.cfg. 
                Imported in the main script.
   02/04/2006 : Made Configuration tool for creating 
   02/04/2006 : Configuration tool has also LOOP mode.
   02/04/2006 : Configuration tool creates also the 
                getnrun_bench.jdl file.
   02/04/2006 : Also made seperated files for Changelog,Readme 
                and TODO.

  v 0.3
   01/04/2006 : Changed make see into scripts/getpercent & 
   31/03/2006 : Critical: Remove cd ~ ... when submiting a job the 
                current working directory is created that time and 
                it is unique...
                you can get stuff from outside that dir but you 
                can't figure out what user is running it to put it 
                in the jdl file. Just get pwd and work with it and 
                then get from dir/file.
   30/03/2006 : Made Information Config Array Script.User can put
                commands to write in the NODE_INFO_FILE.
  v 0.2
   28/03/2006 : Remake of script and put more comments and 
                instructions. (This time i'm keeping 3 backups)

  v 0.1
   24/03/2006 : Primary version of the script which was lost due 
                to a stupid rm!!! (Recovering Files in ext3 is