About :

A simple python script that sends a benchmarking tool in sites over the grid. It uses queue list so that it can send 10 jobs at same time and it uses curses for displaying the status of the jobs. It also has its own wrapper arround grid tools and commands that help the script manage better the results. Current Version is 0.6.1 .

Simple steps to use it :
  1. Log on into your UI and download the GetNRunBench.
  2. Extract (using tar -xvzf)
  3. Edit gnrbench.py (for many jobs) or one_gnrbench.py (one job - testing) using your linux editor (vi, joe ...)
  4. Change the following variables :
    1. _GNRBENCH_RESULTS_DIR="./results":
      You can change results to the dir you like.
    2. _GRID_ORGANIZATION="see":
      You can change see with your V.O.
    3. _GRID_ENV="glite":
      Here you can use glite middleware version or lcg middleware version.
      You can change glite with lcg
    4. _GRID_SITES_GET="match":
      You can use the following :
      1. infosites : if you want to run in all sites in your V.O. with lcg-infosites command.
      2. match : if you want to get sites with glite-job-list-match or lcg-job-list-match.
      3. file : if you have a file with the ce you want to run.
        Note that the file must have one ce per line and follow the format from lcg-infosites for ce.
    5. _GRID_SITES_SITEFILE="./siteslist":
      If in the previous step you have select the file, YOU MUST change this with the filename that has the ce.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Run it using python ./gnrbench.py or python ./one_gnrbench.py.

Notes :

It is better to run under a "screen" cause it can take hours to send all the jobs.
If you haven't got initalized proxy, the script will ask you to do it. It is always recommended to use the voms-proxy-init --valid=180:0 --voms=see (change see with your VO).